Always recommend the right content, even as user preferences change over time

Encourage content consumption with predictive content recommendations across desktop, mobile apps, and email.
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Serve real-time content recommendations
Content recommendations are always updated and instantly deployed to every reader, leveraging their real-time behavior, browsing history, geo-location, category affinity, and more.
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Insert recommendations anywhere
Recommend content anywhere – on navigational menus, within site notification bars, on the homepage, article pages, category pages, site overlays, native mobile apps, display banners, and inside emails
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Adapt recommendation layouts according to context
Dynamically change the layout of recommendation widgets based on a user’s attributes – all while continuously testing to present the most relevant recommendations.
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Fuse multiple recommendation strategies
Combine recommendation strategies into a single recommendation widget. You can even let our machine learning engine choose the right mix of strategies to maximize the performance.
Agile Recommendations
Test recommendations with agility
Test and optimize any recommendation element – including the layout, design, recommendation strategy, location, widgets header, and more.
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Leverage powerful recommendation APIs
Dynamic Yield’s Recommendation APIs deliver the entire breadth of personalization at every single digital channel and customer touchpoint.

Additional capabilities baked into our platform

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Auto-exclusion functionality
Let Dynamic Yield automatically exclude recently viewed items to improve content discovery and expose readers to additional relevant articles.
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Powerful editorial tools
Control the recommendation output of each widget to pin or include selected content, push content from revenue-generating categories and cross-sell other media.
Affinity Recommendations
Affinity-based recommendations
Automatically recommend items based on a user’s affinity profile to enable advanced personalization use cases.
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Native ads optimization
Increase profit margins by recommending the most relevant native ads, tailored to each user segment, across your entire web, mobile, and email properties.
Advanced targeting rules
Serve tailored and optimized experiences to digital visitors based on custom events, cookie values, business rules, and the context, characteristics, behavior, and interactions of customers.
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We can now automatically serve the most relevant videos to millions of viewers in minutes, delivering a unique experience to each Hallmark Channel visitor.”

Josie Ventura, Vice President, Digital Crown Media Family Networks

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Comprehensive insights
Easily understand your recommendation widgets’ statistics, results, and real-time performance. Analyze data based on direct or indirect revenue and behavioral KPIs.
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Out-of-the-box recommendation templates
Get inspiration from a library of pre-built experience templates, including dozens of ready-to-use recommendation templates.
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Exit-intent recommendations
ncrease recirculation and reduce exit rates by suggesting content recommendations with exit-intent triggered overlays and notifications.