Mellerware enhances its D2C offering with tailored digital experiences

Spain’s trusted online appliances retailer sees notable uplifts from simple optimizations in less than 6 months, including +34% in revenue
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uplift in revenue from implementing inactive tab notifications to re-engage dormant users
boost in add-to-carts and +24% in revenue due to generating urgency among shoppers with social proof messaging
increase in purchases and 34% more revenue by personalizing the recommendations on product detail pages (PDPs)


Mellerware is the original brand of Creative Housewares. Founded in 1982, every household in Spain knows and trusts Mellerware as the company that offers quality appliances at smart prices. With the idea of bringing customers closer to an easy and useful shopping experience through a direct-to-consumer (D2C) business model, Mellerware understood personalization was another major area of opportunity for growth. Allowing the brand to further differentiate itself by tailoring elements of the site to various audiences, its eCommerce team partnered with digital agency, Elogia, to implement an agile CRO methodology and launch experiments using Dynamic Yield’s Experience Optimization platform. In less than six months, Mellerware was able to generate 28% more purchases and a 34% increase in revenue from the inclusion and testing of recommendations on its PDPs, alone, along with KPI improvements from a number of other simple campaigns.
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“It is a mission of Mellerware’s to help our customers find the products that will allow them to enjoy their time at home to the fullest. Elogia has been masterful in helping us quickly and efficiently put proven Dynamic Yield use cases around product discovery and re-engagement into effect, with the Experience Optimization platform helping to validate which experiences launched are resonating the most with our shoppers and assisting them on their purchase journey.”
Victor Font Casanovas, Director at Mellerware
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The Challenge

In a highly competitive eCommerce landscape, the number one goal for Mellerware was to capture the attention of customers, who naturally browse a myriad of sites and compare product design, details, and price. However, unsure of where to start and which experiences to prioritize first, its team required:

  • A roadmap of testing ideas focused on improving key business metrics
  • An agile CRO methodology that would allow for weekly A/B testing
  • Technology that could run and optimize multiple experiments concurrently
That’s when they turned to Dynamic Yield for its deep knowledge of what campaigns were likely to resonate most (along with the technology to activate them) and Elogia’s strong implementation practices for quick and scalable delivery.


Engaged dormant users with personalized inactive tab notifications
When shoppers browse the web, they naturally open multiple tabs to compare sites and each brand’s various products and services. As more are added to the window over the course of a session, this can present a challenge to customers, who may forget which tab is which, often resulting in abandonment.

To help Mellerware stand out from the crowd and win back potentially lost shoppers, Dynamic Yield suggested customizing and implementing an experience based on the platform’s Inactive Browser Tab Title Changer template. This would automatically animate the browser tab title when inactive, with Elogia able to set the message, favicon, and animation speed per the team’s liking.

Targeted to all users, one variation with the message, “Remember I’m here,” was served to 45% of traffic, with the second variation stating “Hey, don’t forget about me,” exposed to another 45%, along with 10% of traffic dedicated to the experiment’s control group.

After triggering the new and flashy title messages, Mellerware saw more users come back to the site, explore additional pages, and ultimately transact, with the second variation generating a 3% uplift in purchases and 6% more revenue compared to the generic version.

Inactive Tab Messaging Served to All Dormant Users

Created a sense of FOMO, driving action among users through social proof
These days, there are so many options available to customers, they can end up paralyzed by the paradox of choice. As a user wrestles with whether to purchase a particular item, they typically search for queues or signals from other shoppers to assist in the decision-making process.

Using another out-of-the-box template from Dynamic Yield, Elogia incorporated Social Proof Messaging onto Mellerware’s product detail pages. An experience such as this highlights customer demand for a product, not only creating the validation a customer needs but also inducing a fear of missing out should they not go through with the purchase.

As the first iteration of the experiment, Mellerware targeted site visitors two different versions of social proof messaging against a control (10% of traffic): “This product has been very popular the last few days!” (45% of traffic) and “There are a lot of people viewing this product!” (45% of traffic). Upon dissecting the data at the audience level, however, the messaging did not show any uplift for New Users. As these visitors typically came in as a “Direct” source of traffic, indicating some level of brand awareness, the message would have to change to build greater trust and intrigue.

The experience was then optimized to target 90% of New Users with an additional “TOP SELLING PRODUCT,” message against a 10% control group. Returning Users would then receive the two messages from the original experiment, split 45/45/10. Ultimately, reproducing the word-of-mouth experience and playing on a fear of missing out drove a 12% uptick in add-to-carts and a 24% increase in revenue from the campaign targeted to Returning Users vs. the controlled version of the site.

Social Proof Messaging for New Users on PDPs

Infused PDPs with personalized product recommendations for greater relevance
With 81% of Mellerware shoppers visiting a product detail page, there was still so much that could be done to further enhance the experience beyond adding social proof messaging. For example, one of the most popular tools among online retailers for guiding customers to the right products are recommendation widgets.

Following both its customer reviews and a section dedicated to displaying product bundles, Elogia injected Dynamic Yield’s leading recommendation engine into a widget on the bottom of each Mellerware PDP. Targeted to all users, the experiment would determine whether the addition of personalized products would ensure customers saw items relevant to their interests and, in turn, generate more purchases. The traffic was split in a way that 10% of users would see the control and the following would be exposed to products recommended via a variety of different algorithms: 23% Affinity, 23% Similarity, 22% Bought Together, and 22% View Together.

Overall, the experiment drove a 28% boost in purchases and 34% more revenue from shoppers buying a product after clicking on an item in the widget, with the Bought Together strategy creating a 27% uplift in purchases for New Users, and Similarity, +108% for Returning Users. The introduction of personalized recommendations also led to an increase in pageviews, confirming their power as a tool of engagement for both New and Returning visitors.

Testing of Various Recommendations Strategies at the bottom of PDPs

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Key Takeaway

Besides delivering products to customers in the easiest and fastest way through a direct-to-consumer business model, over the last six months, Mellerware has made another component of its digital experience a competitive differentiator – personalization. With the help of experts at digital commerce marketing agency, Elogia, its team has taken small but powerful steps to streamline the buying journey for customers by re-engaging dormant visitors, validating their purchase decisions, and layering personalized products into an important funnel step. And the initial impact is clear, as demonstrated by notable performance boosts across key metrics, including a 28% boost in purchases and 34% more revenue from recommendations, alone.

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